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Our Insights

Part of our commitment to our clients is to provide ongoing education and insights related to finances and investing. Visit us here monthly to read about our thoughts and insights related to industry concepts and hot topics. Have something you want to learn more about? Send us a note at voyagewa@nm.com and we’ll add it to our article list.

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Learn how intuition can fail you, and more importantly, how you can overcome it when making investing decisions

May 26, 2022

We all use availability bias as a mental shortcut in decision making. Whether we’re aware of it and how it might be clouding our judgement are the bigger issues to explore. Availability bias consistently tries to usurp rationality and guide our decisions, which if made incorrectly in the financial planning world, could have real and significant consequences. Read the full article to learn more.

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Why Values-Based Financial Planning Drives More Progress than Goal Setting Alone Ever Could

March 18, 2022

Over the last five years, the Voyage team has had hundreds of values-based financial planning conversations, and enough time has passed that we’ve been able to gather some insights on how it has impacted our work, and more importantly, the lives of our clients. Check out our five observations on why incorporating values into your financial planning and decision making can significantly change the way you talk about and view money.

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Predicting a Black Swan event in the Finance World

It’s kind of like planning a Vikings Super Bowl parade

November 8, 2021

If you’ve watched any financial news lately, you’ve likely seen things like “stocks dangerous” or “stock market crash on the horizon” in headlines. People everywhere are attempting to predict a Black Swan event in the finance world, but to us that seems a bit like planning a parade for a Vikings Super Bowl win. Curious why? Read the full article here.

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Why standing still and staying the course makes sense during an inflationary economic period

September 28, 2021

There’s an old saying that goes, “Don’t just do something, stand there!” Of course, that isn’t the phrase.

We’ve all heard the real phrase, “Don’t just stand there, do something!” many times; in emergency situations, at a sporting event, or maybe it was just your parents scolding you for not helping with the chores. It’s hardwired into our brains from an early age that doing something is better than doing nothing. But is it always? Read the full article here.