Why Voyage


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At Voyage Wealth Architects, we are driven by an unwavering commitment to our clients, our colleagues, and the larger community. We demonstrate that commitment by listening carefully to our clients; adopting core business practices that build a collaborative, inclusive environment; and actively engaging in the community through philanthropy and volunteerism. We promise our clients continuity over the long term, and a steadfast relationship built on trust and respect.


With Voyage, it’s not just about reaching your retirement destination, but instead, it’s about the journey of putting the right pieces in place to help you build and leave your legacy. Before we ask about financial goals, we ask about life goals and personal values. We get the full picture of what motivates a person or family before we dive into the financials because there is no off-the-shelf financial plan at Voyage Wealth Architects.

You and your hard-earned investments deserve the best, so let us help you craft a wealth plan based on your life plans, not someone else’s.

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Our process

Clients tell us that two of their favorite things about working with Voyage is our unique financial planning process & the deliverables that come with it. Starting with our values exercise that is conducted during the Discovery meeting, all the way through to your personalized financial plan and actionable roadmap, you’ll be delighted by the depth of our methods and the quality of our plans.


When you partner with Voyage Wealth Architects, you combine the strength of a FORTUNE 100 company with the specialized expertise of a boutique firm. You get the personalized attention of a smaller firm who will get to know you and your unique needs, but also access to the products, services, technology, and market research from one of the leaders in the wealth management space.

Individual attention of boutique firm + strength & resources of Fortune 110 company